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Hi, I'm Patrik!

I've lived in Gothenburg, Sweden all my life, except for ten months which was spent sending signals and playing war in the forests of Boden.

From elementary school I walked away with a love of writing (thank you Ann-Charlotte) and in high school programming came onto my horizon. It would take a couple of years until I even grasped what I'd use it for, but in the mean time coding html kept me happy.

During my studies at the IT-University I got introduced to GNU/Linux (thank you pesa, fireworx, hesa), some more programming, and a more structured way of thinking and programming.

In one class we filled out a Briggs-Meyer type indicator questionnaire, which revealed me to be an INTJ (78,25,25,33)%.

This is also where I picked up my preference for Mercurial as well as a love for both Vim and Python.

My humour is of the Magnus Betnér and lolcats persuasion, and from my speakers you are most likely to hear either trance or classical music.

Through the philosophy behind GNU my eyes where opened to the FSFE and from there is was a very small leap to begin appreciating Creative Commons as well.

All of this has lead up to my present state: